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As the main habitat of human beings, cities play a crucial role in the building of a fairer globalisation and in extending its potential benefits to everyone, for what affects cities affects nations and their people. Cities also constitute an ideal space for creativity, cultural development, the promotion of identity and social cohesion, while also concentrating the main global challenges that we all face.



Global Compact

Its overarching mission is to help build a more sustainable and inclusive global economy by encouraging its signatory corporate members to develop, implement and disclose their sustainability commitments and practices. While the Global Compact Office (GCO) coordinates the initiative from New York, on the ground these are the tasks of Local Networks (LN), which are headed by a Focal Point and spread all over the world. Each Local Network manages […]



Peace Camp

The private organisation the Universal Forum of Cultures, the heir to the first event celebrated in Barcelona between May and September 2004 and dedicated to spreading the values that future events under the Forum banner should consolidate (citizenry, urbanism, dialogue and creativity), hopes to hold an annual Peace Camp. This gathering of boys and girls from the five continents, who we have dubbed the “Millennium Generation”, already has the […]



Napoli 2013

4th. Edition
Napoli (Italy)

Inauguration: November 18th 2013

Start date: April 2014

Finish date: October 2014



Valparaíso 2010

3rd. Edition
Valparaíso (Chile)
Start date: 22th October 2010 Finish date: 5th December 2010